Assignment 1: Visualize This!

Deadline: 14-11-2021 (Before 9.00AM)

  • Explore the dataset of gifts given to US federal employees by foreign representatives, and find a story within it.
    • The dataset is based on data from the Federal Registry and can be found on the Datasets page.
    • Adding other sources is allowed, but not mandatory. 
  • Visualize the story in a static visualization using a graph that compares categories, shows a ratio part-to-whole, or shows relationship.
  • Hand in via Brighstpace, with:
    • The visualization itself (in any common file format)
    • A max. 500 word report (in PDF) which covers:
      • What’s the visualization’s story you try to convey 
      • Listing and (briefly) discussing all your design choices pertinent to that story.
      • Any challenges or opportunities met along the way (if any), to indicate your learning process
  • The assignment should take you about 10 hours.


“Looking for evidence of a mind at work”

  • Have a mind (5)
    • Tick all the required boxes: i.e. hand in on time, right file formats, everything is present, word limit kept, etc.
  • Have put your mind to work (5)
    • Clarity of story from visualization (Vis)
    • Data-driven, factually correct story (Vis)
    • Solid design (Vis)
    • Design process clear (Vis & Report)
    • Insight (Report)
  • Have a mind to learn (1)
    • Challenges and opportunities (Report)
    • Otherwise signal what (and how) you learned